All branches of the military and military affiliated motorcycle clubs qualify for our Military Discount.

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Your event for charity may qualify for our Charitable Event Discount.

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We guarantee we have the lowest published prices for custom imprinted motorcycle kickstand pads on the Internet. See details here.


-- The Motorcycle Coaster® can also be used as a drink coaster

In addition to its intended use as a kickstand support pad, Motorcycle Coasters® are often used as drink coasters on desks, work benches and bars.

-- Create a collectible

Create a unique keepsake for your Memorial Ride, Wedding, Anniversary, Graduation or any special event. A Motorcycle Coaster® is a collectible item, as a reminder of one's attendance at memorable events, fund raising rides and rallies.

-- Low minimum quantity for printed Motorcycle Coasters®

Our low minimum quantity economically allows for almost anyone to have their custom message printed on Motorcycle Coasters®.

-- Ten colors to pick from

Motorcycle Coasters® are available in 10 colors:

 Black, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

See Motorcycle Coasters® Plastic Colors here


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Additional Information about Motorcycle Coasters®

The Motorcycle Coaster® motorcycle kickstand pad is sometimes referred to as a kickstand pad, kickstand plate, kickstand support, side stand pad, side stand support, or puck.

The Motorcycle Coaster®, also sometimes referred to as a kickstand foot or motorcycle kickstand disc, is a motorcycle kickstand support aide for soft surfaces and is specifically designed for imprinting your custom message.  In addition to their intended use as a kickstand support pad, Motorcycle Coasters® are often used as drink coasters on desks, work benches and bars.

The Motorcycle Coaster® is a 4" diameter, decagon ABS plastic kickstand support pad, one quarter inch thick with a ribbed back.  ABS plastic is non-conductive with limited abrasion and is durable as a standard motorcycle fairing.  The Motorcycle Coaster® easily stores in fairing and clothing.

Examples of custom imprinted, personalized Motorcycle Coasters® are seen at events all around the country, such as Bike Week in Daytona, Laconia, Sturgis and many more.

Read more about the Motorcycle Coaster® below.

Create a Collectible!

Our low minimum quantity economically allows for the creation of a unique keepsake for your memorial ride, charity ride, rally, wedding, anniversary, graduation or any special event.  

They are inexpensive enough to use as giveaways for a motorcycle/motorsports dealership, motorcycle club, insurance agency, accessory boutique, repair shop, community visitor's bureau, attorney's office, Rider Safety Program, etc.

Shouldn't your motorcycle friendly business or organization offer your own custom imprinted Motorcycle Coasters®?

Motorcycle Coasters®: An American Company

Motorcycle Coasters® is an American business supporting named American charities, the U.S. Military and their Veterans, Motorcycle Safety, and American families.

Motorcycle Coasters® motorcycle kickstand pads are printed in Rantoul, Illinois, the same town where our parent company,
Crown Advertising, started in 1957. The blank kickstand pads are manufactured by Plastic Designs, Inc. (PDI) in Paxton, Illinois, just ten miles away.  We are responsible directly or indirectly for supporting two dozen American jobs.

In addition, our custom printed shipping boxes, items needed during the printing process (ink, plates, etc.), and all other supplies are sourced from American companies.

here to view the Motorcycle Coasters® Supply Chain Statement and Supply Chain List.

We are proud to be part of the American community.

Motorcycle Coasters®: History of an American product

In 1994, Crown Advertising ( began promoting a motorcycle side stand support as part of the company’s ad products line, which focused on serving the motorcycling community. The original side stand support was called the Sure Stand. It was simply a round, very durable plastic disc, meant to be custom printed.

The product was a hit, and sales were good. But, something started happening. When customers called to order the Sure Stand, they would refer to the product as a “motorcycle coaster” or simply a “coaster.” Even though Crown Advertising was diligent at marketing the Sure Stand brand name, the public simply did not agree with what the product should be called. Perhaps owing to the Sure Stand’s round shape, the product’s nickname “motorcycle coaster” was a phenomenon that was catching on with the company’s customers.

By 1999, two things were being considered regarding the Sure Stand: brand name and product design (shape).  It was decided, to mark the beginning of the new millennium, that important changes would be implemented. 

The owner of Crown Advertising, Jack Briere, had become known as “Jack the Coaster Guy” while selling “motorcycle coasters,” despite his reluctance to accept the product’s nickname and his nickname that came along with it. In 2000, after six years of trying to convince customers to call the printed motorcycle side stand support by the brand name Sure Stand, Jack the Coaster Guy (he still uses the nickname today) decided to go along with the tide of public opinion and officially renamed it the Motorcycle Coaster®.  

The other major change to the Sure Stand was its shape. Jack wanted something to make the Motorcycle Coaster® stand out…something other than the “plain, ordinary circle.” And, the idea of the decagon (ten-sided) shape was born. Jack felt the decagon would make the Motorcycle Coaster® distinctive. He was right. Over the years, the decagon shape has indeed become a recognizable element of the Motorcycle Coaster®. 

With the new changes in place, also in 2000 a logo was created and the websites and were launched, and a whole division unto itself began at Crown Advertising.

Today, 23 years after the introduction of Motorcycle Coasters®, they are shipped all over the world to a vast variety of businesses, and the brand name is stronger than ever.

Motorcycle Coasters®: FAQs

How much weight will a Motorcycle Coaster® support?

That we know of, it will support 1,000 pounds (453.6 kg).

Will it support a motorcycle on sand?

Yes. In gerneral, the Motorcycle Coaster® will support a motorcycle on any soft surface.

How many colors is the Motorcycle Coaster® made in?

Ten colors: Black, Blue, Light Blue, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Are Motorcycle Coasters® available in small quantities, unprinted?

Yes, to purchase a quantity as small as a single Motorcycle Coaster® up to 100 Motorcycle Coasters®, with free shipping on all orders, visit us on 

For quantities of at least 50 Motorcycle Coasters®, purchase them at our Blank Stock and "Seconds" page (shipping is additional).

Are Motorcycle Coasters® "Seconds" safe?

Yes. They are the same durable kickstand pad as all our Motorcycle Coaster® stock. The only issue with "Seconds" are cosmetic flaws (issues with the coloring of the plastic).

How long will a Motorcycle Coaster® last?

We don't know, but possibly forever. What we do know is that people are still using Motorcycle Coasters® that were purchased in 2000, when we first started producing them.

Will Motorcycle Coasters® always be made in the U.S.A.?

Yes. See the Motorcycle Coasters® Supply Chain Statement and Supply Chain List

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